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The Toolkit includes:

Chapter 1-Ready. Set. Go.
Parent Coaching 101
* What type of Parent College Coach are you?
* It’s time for “the talk”
* Now it’s your turn
The Mechanics-Staying Organized
* First things first
* The all-important filing system
* The scholarship notebook
* The wall calendar
The Right Courses
* Building the transcript
* Your high school guidance counselor
* Course guidelines
The High School Plan
* Freshman Year
* Sophomore Year
* Junior Year
* Senior Year
The High School Resume
* The Major Sections
* Completing the Resume
* Reviewing the final product
The Extracurriculars
* What is an extracurricular?
* School activities
* Non-school activities
* Volunteering
* A job
* Making hobbies count
Utilizing Your Resources
* The Toolkit
* Parents Countdown to College Coach Website
* The internet
* The library
* Your high school guidance counselor
* Parents of college students
* College students
* College websites
Your Teen’s Personal Brand
* A case study in personal branding
* Has your teen already created a personal brand?
* How can you help you teen understand the importance of their online presence?
* How can you help your teen build a strong personal brand?

Chapter 2-College Money 101
Quick Guide to College Costs
* How to save money on college costs
* Picking up credits
* Paying for the basics
* Textbook savings
* The little things add up
Saving for College
* Pinching Pennies
* Stocks, bonds and everything in between
* College savings plans
Taking Advantage of the FREE Money
* Grants
* Scholarships
* Service Awards
* Other types of free money
A Quick Look at Financial Aid
* Loans
* Work Study
* The CSS Profile
* EFC (Expected Family Contribution)
Some Tax Savings Tips
* Lifetime Learning Credit
* Hope Education Credits
* 529 Savings Plans
All About Scholarships
* Scholarship Myths
* Where to find all kinds of scholarships
* Tips on searching
* Tips on applying

Chapter 3-Testing, testing and more testing
All about College Testing
* How to decide which test to take
* Staying on top of the deadlines
* Tips on test taking
Test Prep
* Taking the PSAT and/or PLAN
* Free practice tests
* Studying for the tests
* Should you pay for test prep?
The SAT vs ACT
* How to decide which test to take
* All about the SAT
* All about the ACT
AP (Advanced Placement) Tests
* How to plan ahead for AP Tests
* The benefits of AP Tests

Chapter 4-Choosing the Right College
How to Choose the Right College
* Making the list
* Narrowing the field
Some Common Mistakes in Choosing a College
* Putting all your eggs in one basket
* Going for all the wrong reasons
The ins and outs of College Tours
* Starting online at college websites
* Asking the right questions
* Video Tours

Chapter 5-The Financial Aid Maze
How Financial Aid Works
* Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines
* In a Nutshell
* The Three Main Types of Aid
* The EFC (Expected Family Contribution) and how it works
How to Complete the FAFSA
* Where to find it
* Before you apply
* Completing the application
* The SAR (Student Aid Report)
How to Complete the CSS Profile
* How to Register
* Tips for Completing the Profile
* After you apply
Dealing with the college Financial Aid office
* Following up on submissions
* Negotiating with decisions

Chapter 6- It’s all about Admissions
The Application
* All the components
* Fatal application mistakes
* Standing out
* Application Q & A
The Transcript
* Submitting
* Checking for accuracy
* Following up
Recommendation Letters
* Staying on top of the required letters
* How to pick your recommendations
The all-important Essay
* Choosing the right subject matter
* Making your essay stand out
* Editing is important
The college interview
* An important part of the application process
* It’s all about the Questions
* Making a good impression
The Completed High School Resume
* Dotting your “i’s” and crossing your “t’s”
* Resume components (will they see YOU when they read it?)
Early decision vs regular decision
* Should you opt for “early decision”?
* What are the benefits of taking “regular decision”?

Chapter 7-Decision Time
The acceptance letters arrive
* Helping your teen handle rejection
* Wait-listed: what can you do?
Weighing all the options
* Comparing financial aid packages
* Comparing costs
Making the final decision
* Responding to the colleges
* Deposits, payments and Freshman orientation

Chapter 8-Heading off to college
Tips for Parents
* Surviving the transition
* The summer before college
Tips for Teens
* Living in a dorm
* Budgeting
* Long distance communication
* The quest for independence

And the EXTRAS…

List of Website links (by topic)
* Scholarship sites
* Financial Aid sites
* College Matching sites
* College Tour sites
* College Parent connection sites (connecting with other parents)
* Student connection sites (connecting with college students)
* Parent information sites
* College related blogs

* College Needs Assessment Questionnaire
* Scholarship Information Page
* Student Information Form
* College Fair Journal Page
* College Visit Journal Page
* College Application Tracker
* College Checklist
* College Costs Calculator
* Financial Aid Tracker
* Financial Maze Flow Chart
* Award Comparison Worksheet
* Sample Award Comparison Worksheet
* Sample Financial Aid Award Letter
* 8th Grade Checklist
* Freshman checklist
* Sophomore checklist
* Junior checklist
* Senior checklist
* High school calendar of important dates
* Senior Year Deadline Chart
* College Shopping Checklist
* High School Course Planner
* Volunteer Activity Log
* Test Dates and Deadlines Calendar
* Extracurricular Activity List

And there’s more–
* List of commonly used terms with definitions
* Sample Resume 1
* Sample Resume 2
* Scholarship Profile (a diagram)
* Sample College Admissions Form
* Sample Recommendation Letter
* Scholarship Profile
* Sample page from U.S. News and World Reports Best Colleges
* Article-“The Best and Worst 529 Plans”
* Sample SAR Report
* Sample Award Comparison Worksheet
* Sample Financial Aid Award Letter
* Sample Admissions Essay 1
* Sample Admissions Essay 2
* Sample Scholarship Essay 1
* Sample Scholarship Essay 2
* Sample Scholarship Essay 3

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